Lost Your Keys? Here’s What To Do

We all tend to lose our keys. No matter how much we try to prevent this in some way or the other, the inevitable outcome is that, at some point in our lives, we all have lost our keys somehow. Usually, this ends with us being able to find them right away – or at least, the next day, or when you least expect it (because maybe they were in your pocket all along!) – But sometimes, it doesn’t go so favourably. Whilst the usual key cutter will suffice for when you lose the keys to your house, the matter becomes different if we are talking about car keys.

Even if you don’t lose your car keys, there are other instances where you will need replacement car keys – examples include when your car keys break or suddenly stop working – after all, car keys also have remotes to them. Because of this last point, when repairing or duplicating car keys, you will need to find locksmiths specializing in car keys. If you broke your keys or if they stop functioning, you will naturally not need to go out of your way to let the locksmith know what kind of keys you have, but in case you lost your car keys, then, you will have to look up the VIN of your car. The VIN, or the vehicle identification number, will be the method through which the locksmith will identify the cuts of the key. The VIN is located in the engine bay or the dashboard of your car (you can also find in the legal papers relating to your car); jot this down together with the brand, name and serial of your car when visiting the locksmith.

The next steps depend on how old your car is – older cars have keys which are easy to replicate, whereas newer models almost always have complex car keys:

• If your car key is not a complex one – in this case, normal car locksmiths in Melbourne will suffice. Once you’ve given the VIN and other details of your car, the locksmith will recreate the key for you. Capable locksmiths can also program some of the newer key types (not the newest ones though)

• If your car key is a complex one – in this case, in addition to finding a locksmith, you will also need to find a dealer. The locksmith will recreate the physical key for you, after which the dealer will program it. Some of the newest car models however, are complex enough to the point where only a dealer will be able to replicate the key.

Replicating your car keys will take a week or two at most, so remember that you will have to go about your daily life without a car in the meanwhile!